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Interface in economic and social analysis

Edited by Ulf Himmelstrand.

London : Routledge, 1992.

xviii, 318 págs. ; 23 cm.

ISBN: 041506872X


  • Project IDEA : an introduction / Himmelstrand, Ulf
  • Exogenous factors and classical economics / Hollander, Samuel
  • Partially independent variables and internal logic in classical Marxist economic analysis / Mandel, Ernest
  • Exogenous factors in neo-classical microeconomics / Hartley, Keith
  • Exogenous factors in neo-classical macroeconomics / Klamer, Arjo
  • Post-Marxian economics : labour, learning and history / Bowles, Samuel
  • Information economics : 'threatened wreckage' or new paradigm? / Lamberton, D. N. (Donald McLean), 1927-
  • Institucional economics : legacy and new directions / Hodgson, Geoffrey Martin, 1946-
  • Political science and the study of the economy / Lindberg, Leon N.
  • Endofenous and exogenous factors in the analysis of linkages between economics and demography / Preston, Samuel H.
  • The psychologist´s view of the exogenous domain / Lewis, Alan
  • A sociological perspective on strategies of dealing with exogenous complexity in economic analysis / Martinelli, Alberto
  • Smelser, Neil J.
  • Law as an exogenous factor in economic analysis / Blegvad, Britt Mari Persson
  • Collin, Finn
  • Towards a lexicogrpahic preference-actor-structure theory / Himmelstrand, Ulf
  • The limits of economic imperialism / Udéhn, Lars, 1948-
  • In search of an interdisciplinary approach for economic and social analysis / Himmelstrand, Ulf.
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