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Hybrid regimes within democracies : fiscal federalism and subnational rentier states

Carlos Gervasoni.

289 págs. ; 23 cm.

ISBN: 9781108451079 (paperback)

Resumen: "From the racially segregated 'Jim Crow' US South to the many electoral but hardly democratic local regimes in Argentina and other federal democracies, the political rights of citizens around the world are often curtailed by powerful subnational rulers. Hybrid Regimes within Democracies presents the first comprehensive study of democracy and authoritarianism in all the subnational units of a federation. The book focuses on Argentina, but also contains a comparative chapter that considers seven other federations including Germany, Mexico, and the USA. The in-depth and multidimensional description of subnational regimes in all Argentine provinces is complemented with an innovative explanation for the large differences between those that are democratic and those that are 'hybrid', complex combinations of democratic and authoritarian elements. Putting forward and testing an original theory of subnational democracy, Gervasoni extends the rentier-state explanatory logic from resource rents to a more general concept, such as 'fiscal federalism rents', and from the national to the subnational level"—

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  • Introduction; Part I. Description: The Anatomy and Evolution of Subnational Regimes: 1. Defining and measuring subnational regimes; 2. Trends in Argentina's provincial regimes (1983-2015): the subnational democracy index; 3. The many dimensions of subnational democracy: evidence from a survey of experts; Part II. Explanation: The Causes of Subnational Regimes: 4. A fiscal and rentier approach to subnational democracy; 5. Fiscal federalism rents and hybrid regimes in Argentina's provinces; 6. Determinants of provincial regimes; Part III. Comparison: Subnational Regimes around the World: 7. Regional regimes beyond Argentina: the comparative subnational democracy index; Conclusion.
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