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Public spending and the poor : theory and evidence

edited by Dominique van de Walle, Kimberly Nead.

Baltimore : published for The World Bank [by] the Johns Hopkins University Press, ©1995.

xvi, 619 págs. : ilustraciones ; 24 cm.

ISBN: 0801852552

"A World Bank Book." — cover

Incluye referencias bibliográficas.


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  • Measuring the distributions effects of public education / Selden, Thomas M. - Wasylenko, Michael J.
  • Public schooling expenditures in rural Pakistan: efficiently targeting girls and lagging region / Alderman, Harold, 1948-
  • The distribution of subsidies through public health services in indonesia, 1978-87 / Van de Walle, Dominique
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  • Is targeting through a Work requirement efficient? some evidence for rural India / Ravallion, Martín - Datt, Gaurav
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  • The Distributional impact of cash and in-kind transfers in Eastern Europe and Russia / Milanovic, Branko
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  • On gender targeting of public transfers / Appleton, Simon, 1965- - Collier, Paul - Incidence and targeting: an overview of implications for research and policy / van de Walle, Dominique.
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