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Advances in econometrics, income distribution and scientific methodology : essays in honor of Camilo Dagum

Daniel J. Slottje, ed.

Heidelberg ; New York : Physica-Verlag, ©1999.

xi, 388 págs. : ilustraciones ; 24 cm.

ISBN: 3790812269 (hardcover: acid-free paper)

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  • About the contribution of econometrics to the advancement of knowledge: the macroeconomic relevance of microeconomic data / Malinvaud, Edmond
  • Two aspects of the methology of modeling deterministic processes and evaluation / Granger, C. W. J. (Clive William John), 1934-2009
  • An extensión of the Gauss-Markov theorem or mixed linear regression models with non-stationary Stochastic parameters / Dagum, Estela Bee - Cholette, Pierre A.
  • Computation in macroeconomic model-building: some historical aspects / Bodkin, Ronald G., 1936-
  • Measuring informativeness of data by entropy and variance / Ebrahimi, Nader Baradaran - Maasoumi, Esfandiar, 1950- - Soofi, Ehsan S.
  • Significance of the nonuniqueness of neoclassical direct utility functions especially when the are empirically confirmed / Basmann,, R. L. - Slottje, Daniel Jonathan, 1957-
  • Welfare disparity among subgroups of population: the method of analysis with an application / Podder, Nripesh - Mukhapadhyay, Pundarikaksha
  • Measuring welfare changes and the excess burden of taxation / Creedy, John, 1949-
  • Decomposing the redistributive effect of taxes: new measures of vertical equity and inequity / Formby, John - Kim, Hoseong - Smith, W. James
  • Income transformation and income inequality / Amiel, Yoram - Cowell, Frank A. (Frank Alan)
  • A note on the gini measure for discrete distributions / Basmann, R. L. - Slottje, Daniel Jonathan, 1957-
  • Distributional preferences and the extended gini measure of inequality / Creedy, John - Hurn, Stan
  • On some implications of Dagum´s interpretation of the decomposition of the gini index by population subgroups / Deutsch, Joseph, 1950- - Silber, Jacques
  • The end of science / Bunge, Mario, 1919-
  • Statistical inference and inductive previsión / Scardovi, Italo
  • The scientific training / Allais, Maurice A family of multidimensional poverty measures / Bourguignon, Francoise - Chakravarty, Satya R.
  • Independence and changes in the size distributions of income / Rothman, Philip
  • Necessary and sufficient conditions for dominance using generalized Lorenz curves / Yitzhaki, Shlomo.
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