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Good charts : the HBR guide to making smarter, more persuasive data visualizations

Scott Berinato.

255 páginas : ilustraciones a color ; 19 cm.

ISBN: 9781633690707 (paperback)

Incluye glosario, notas e índice.


  • Introduction, A new language and a necesary craft
  • Part one Understand, Chapter 1 A brief history of dataviz: the art and thes cience that built a new language
  • Chapter 2 When a chart hits our eyes: some science of how we see
  • Par two Create, Chapter 3 Two questions, four types: a simple typology for chart making
  • Chapter 4 Better charts in a couple of hours: a simple framwork
  • Part three Refine, Chapter 5 Refine ti impress: getting to the "feeling behind our eyes"
  • Chapter 6 Refine to persuade: three steps to more persuasive charts
  • Chapter 7 persuasion or manipulation?: the blurred edge of truth
  • Part four Pesent and practice, Chapter 8 Present to persuade: getting a good chart to their eyes and into their minds
  • Chapter 9 Visual crit: how to practice lokking at (and making) good charts
  • Conclusión, Keep going
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