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Globalization and progressive economic policy

edited by Dean Baker, Gerald Epstein, Robert Pollin.

Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1998.

xv, 514 págs. : ilustraciones ; 24 cm.

ISBN: 0521643600 (hc.), 0521643767 (pbk.)

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  • The revival of the liberal creed : the IMF, the World Bank, and inequality in a globalized economy / Pieper, Ute - Taylor, Lance, 1940-
  • India : dirigisme, structural Adjustment, and the radical alternative / Patnaik, Prabhat - Chandrasekhar, C. P.
  • Globalization, transnational corporations, and economic development : can the developing countries pursue strategic industrial policy in a globalizing world economy? /Chang, Ha-Joon
  • Multinational corporations in the neo-liberal regime / Crotty, James, 1940- - Epstein, Gerald, 1935- - Kelly, Patricia
  • Implications of Globalization for macroeconomic theory and policy in developing countries / Bhaduri, Amit
  • Asia and the crisis of financial globalization / Felix, David
  • Globalization and financial systems : policies for the new environment / Schaberg, Marc, 1970-
  • Housing finance in the age of globalization : from social housing to life-cycle risk / Dymski, Gary - Isenberg, Dorene, 1949-
  • Openness and equity : regulating labor market outcomes in a globalized / Stanford, Jim
  • Integration and income distribution under the North American Free Trade Agreement : the experience of México / Larudee, Mehrenen
  • Malthus redux? globalization and the environment / Goodstein, Eban S, 1960-
  • Freedom to move in the age of globalization / Sutcliffe, Robert B.
  • Immigration, inequality, and policy alternatives / DeFreitas, Gregory
  • Notes on international migration suggested by the Indian experience / Patnaik, Prabhat - Chandrasekhar, C. P.
  • The NAIRU : is it a real constraint? / Baker, Dean, 1958-
  • Internal and external constraints on egalitarian policies / Glyn, Andrew, 1943-2007
  • The effects of globalization on policy formation in South África / Harris, Laurence - Michie, Jonathan
  • Can domestic expansionary policy succeed in a globally integrated environment? an examination of alternatives / Pollin, Robert.
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