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The logic of strategy

edited by Cristina Bicchieri, Richard Jeffrey, Brian Skyrms.

New York : Oxford University Press, 1999.

xi, 195 págs. ; 24 cm.

ISBN: 0195117158 (acid-free paper)

Incluye referencias bibliográficas.


  • Knowledge, belief, and counterfacual reasoning in games / Stalnaker, Robert
  • Consequentialims, non-archimedean probabilities, and lexicographic expected utility / Hammond, Peter J.
  • Solutions based on ratifiability and sure thing reasoning / Harper, William
  • Undercutting and the Ramsey test for conditionals / Fuhrmann, A. (Andre), 1958- - Levi, Isaac
  • Aumann´s "no agreement" theorem Generalized / Hild, Matthias - Jeffrey, Richard C. - Risse, Mathias, 1970-
  • Rational failures of the KK principle / Williamson, Timothy
  • How much common belief is necessary for a convention? / Shin, Hyun Song - Williamson, Timothy
  • Sophisticated bounded agents play the repeated dilema / Bacharach, Michael - Shin, Hyun Song - Williams, Mark
  • Can free choice be known? / Gilbao, Itzhak
  • Symmetry arguments for cooperation in the prisoner´s dilemma / Bicchieri, Cristina - Green, Mitchell S.
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